Accident Reconstruction Analysis, Inc.  is a forensic engineering and consulting firm equipped with a comprehensive testing facility and metallurgical laboratory used to investigate aspects of failure analysis and accident reconstruction. ARA-I’s client base consists of insurance companies, the legal community, private industry and government agencies. While our facilities are located in Raleigh, North Carolina near the Research Triangle Park and RDU Airport, our engineers frequently travel throughout the United States, Europe, South America and Asia performing field investigations.  Now in our 34th year of service, Accident Reconstruction Analysis Inc. has performed over 18,000 forensic engineering investigations.

Engineering Services:

Accident Reconstruction Analysis Inc. is able to offer a diversified list of services to meet the investigational needs of the client . Our highly skilled engineers perform analysis, research, design and testing within the fields of mechanical, materials, automotive, aerospace, and civil engineering. The types of cases we routinely deal with vary from large scale investigations to small claims involving property, vehicle crash and structural failure damage as well as personal injury. ARA-I has both the resources and the laboratory facilities to test products and materials to determine whether or not standards have been met in manufacturing and design. All investigations are well documented, and reports are issued upon request. ARA-I provides litigation support and testimony when requested.

If you have any questions regarding our capabilities, please feel free to contact us toll free @ 800-282-6235 or use the form below.


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